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Friday September 2, 2005

Comedian Anvil Springstien Interviewed

Bad Sequel or Remake in the Works: Scream 4

Sitcom about Wacky Terrorists in the works that everyone thinks is funny but no one wants to put on the air.

Ellen DeGeneres Interviewed

South Park gets content cleaned up for Syndication

Ultra Lego Death [Lego Video]

Todays Jokes by Argus Hamilton

Ask D White Man [Audio]
Thursday September 1, 2005

Movie Names that Sound Like Your Taking a Poop

Fun Toy Banned Because of Three Stupid Dead Kids

Bad Sequel or Remake in the Works: The Dukes of Hazzard set in London.

Atrocious Video: Anti-Piracy Cartoons for Kids with Captain Bootleg

How to Argue Like a Jackass [Comic Strip]

60 Second Sermon: Tampons Are Satan's Little Cotton Fingers! [Audio]

Marc Maron and Mark Riley chat with comedian Maria Bamford. [Audio]

4 Videos up at Comedians Stewart Francis Website [Video]

Wednesday August 31, 2005

Build your own Sitcom Game

10 Bomb Movies Worth Seeing

The Anal Retentive Packaging to the Simpsons Season 6

Eddie Izzard added to cast of new Ivan Reitman Film

Extras on South Park Season 6 Out Oct. 11, 2005

Onion Premium has been terminated amusing E-mail sent

Bad Sequel or Remake in the Works: National Lampoon's Gumby

20 questions with Comedian Becky Buckwild 

Tuesday August 30, 2005

Sin City Done by Family Guy [Dowloadable Video]

Comedian Tim Bedore on Cow Dung tossing to Lure in Tourists [NPR Commentary] [Audio]

Ballad of the Constipated Pacifist [Pootery]

John Waters DVD Talk Interview [Downloadable MP3]

Add 3rd Rock From the Sun to the list of TV shows using Syndicated Edits for it's DVD release. TV Shows on DVD is tired of the Crappy releases.

How to be Loathsomely Repellent to Women

Dilbert on Starting a Discount Religion [Comic Strip]

About 200 Swear words in The 40 Year Old Virgin

Mark the Shark on the Weekest Liberal [Audio]

Monday August 29, 2005

What's new? Pussy Cut

Family Guy: You Got Aids Video Clip

Weird stuff found in Japanese Porno Shops [NSFW]

Comedian Eugene Mirman has 3 MP3s of  Phone calls he had with a Anti-gay Phone company

Atrocious Music Video: Deezil, Ahmet Zappa and John Tesh doing a cover of Black Sabbath's The Wizard from 1995 Conan O'Brien

The Villians of Bibleman

Glossary of Politically Correct Terms

Top 10 Facts about Vin Diesel

Karl Rove beats Tourette's-afflicted weasel for coveted CNN post

The Corpse Bride Holywood's new Obession with Necrophilia

Southpark Aristocrats [Video]


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