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Jan. 30 - Feb. 3, 2006
Jim Gaffigan Pale Face Cartoon Episode 2 Part1  Part2 [Video]

Penn Jillette Interviews Gilbert Gottfried Download Audio

Onion Radio News: Ebert And Roeper Develop Highly Unstable Movie Rating [Audio]

Does anyone remember Discovision? [Logo Video]

Twelve Phrases Involving Al Roker that Return Only One Hit on Google

Top 100 Confucius Say

Rich Voss and Bonnie McFarlane on The JV and Elvis Show Part1
Part2 [Download Audio]

Mr. Cranky's Culture Wars: The Rules Don't Apply to Me

Comedy Movie Jesus Christ Conquers the Martians in the Works

Brokeback to the Future Trailer [Video]


Dave Barry NPR Interview on The Motley Fool Part1  Part2 [Audio]

Interview with Comedian Judy Gold at Punchline

KNBR Radio Interview with Phyllis Diller [Audio]

Paula Poundstone on the Bob Rivers Show Podcast [MP3 Audio]

How to Fun: How to make a Voodoo Doll that will turn Water into Gasoline.

Will Durst: State of the Union Drinking Game. Will Durst also just starting Podcasting his Radio Show.

Porn Titles for Underworld: Evolution

Craig Ferguson's Tribute to his father who just died. [Video] Click on the Link "A Tribute to his father"

Onion Radio News: Christian Porn Film Climaxes With Birth Of Child [Audio]

Christian Reviews of Stuff at Bible Cure for Asthma, The Bible Cure for Depression and Anxiety, Tony Danza new CD, Knitting With Dog Hair...

A bunch of one Panel Cartoons about Death

Dopey New Product: Tolerance Cigarettes

Onion Radio News: Attempted Murderer Gave It His Best Shot [Audio]

TV Blamed For Rise In Formulaic Violence

James Lipton recites the lyrics to Kevin Federline's "PopoZao" [Video]

Atrocious Music Video: Janet Reno - Respect [Video]

Some Jake Johannsen Audio files

15 Laurie Kilmartin Videos

Very large collection of Science Jokes

Stupid Shit you might not know: Longest film ever made is 80-90 hours in length and called The Cure for Insomnia


Sarah Silverman Radio Interview [MP3 Audio]

Comedy and You [Education Video on being a Comedian] [Video]

Interview with Bob Saget

Comedian Jimmy Dore Radio Interview [Audio]

Onion Radio News: National Pork Council: Many Americans Suffer From Pork Deficiency [Audio]

Ricky Gervais Podcast 9 [Audio]

PSA:You may soon get arrested for telling a religious joke in the UK.

2005 Razzie Awards Nominations

The Boxoffice isn't Funny Jan. 27-29

Bad Sequel or Remake in the Works: Friday the 13th: The Prequel

How to Fun: How to make Jessica Alba Hot in 11 Photoshop steps

Stupid Technology$220, 000 Watch

Jim Gaffigan WFMU Radio interview about 30 minutes in
Listen (RealAudio)  Download MP3

Jim Gaffian Radio Interview with Bob and Sheri [Audio]
Dead Frog E-mail Interveiw with Jim Gaffigan
Jim Gaffigan Screen Test Cartoon [Video]

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli comes in [FNXRadio interview part 1]  Lisa Lampanelli gets intern chocolate thunder a date [Pt2] [Audio]
Lisa Lamponelli 2 Part Radio Interview on Kiss 108FM [Audio]
Part1 MP3 Download  Part2 MP3 Download

Comedian Drew Hastings Blog

Jack Freeman Movational Speaker [Audio and Video files]

Why Men don't Fancy Funny Women

Worst 100+ Ways to Deliver Bad News

Jim Norton: Jokes I didn't put in my act.

Bunch of Gay Cowboy Jokes from Late Night TV.



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