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Feb.6 - 10, 2006
Larry David Interview from NY Times Podcast [MP3 Audio]

10 Questions with Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris Monthly Advie Column This Months Topic Pets
Amy Sedaris taking a break from her column to be replaced by Sarah Silverman (March), Zach Galifianakis (April), and Amy Poehler (May)

Interview with Comedian Demetri Martin in The Believer

Comedian Mike Birbiglia Free-FM Radio Interview [MP3 Audio]

Onion Radio News: Abusive Obsessive-Compulsive Has To Punch Wife Exactly 20 Times [Audio]

Bad Sequel and Remake in the Works: Are We There Yet? which will be a remake of  Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.

Dopey New Product: MP3 player that smells like Chocolate

Classic Comedy Movie Trailer: Bananas Click on 56K, 300K under Watch Trailer.

Top 5 Movie Review Quotes of The Pink Panther:

Pairing Steve Martin with his "Cheaper by the Dozen" director to remake "The Pink Panther" must — in the overall scope of things — be considered among the most horrendous ideas ever to take root in Hollywood. This is worse than any Pia Zadora movie.  Craig Outhier - Get Out

4. Granted, there are some genuine chuckles amid the slapstick, wordplay and flatulence (yes, flatulence) Brain Lowry - Variety

So the jerk who was actually an idiot is now playing the idiot who was kind of a jerk. Or something like thatCarina Chocano - LA Times

Those moments that don’t work include a farting sequence in a sound-proof booth that grind the action to a stop. Killer Movie Reviews

This new Panther remains defanged and more shit-brown than pink. Fernando F. Croce - Slant Magazine

Steve Martin Interview at Dark Horizons

I received your letter yesterday about the time the doorknob broke by Gilbert Gottfried

Strangers with Candy Movie combines all of the best qualities of 'Crash,' 'Brokeback Mountain,' and "Capote' ethnic slurs, clandestine gay sex, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Interview with Comedian Jim Florentine Part1  Part2 [MP3 Audio]

Interview with Comedian Patton Oswalt at Cracked Magazine

Jon Stewart on the problems created by the Danish cartoons and Stephen Colbert offers a solution. [Video]

Ricky Gervais Podcast 10 [MP3 Audio]

Celebrity Vs. Thing: Bill Nighty Vs. Letter Openers

Atrocious Cover Song: Yellow Submarine by Milton Berle [Audio]

Bad Sequel or Remake in the Works: 
My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Dan Naturman Podcast:
Thoughts on the Superbowl, Dan asks out Winona Ryder... [MP3 Audio]

WGN Radio Show Interview with Dave Barry [Audio]

Paul Harris Radio Show Interview with Dave Barry [MP3 Audio]

24 meets Family Guy and Futurama in 24 Seconds [Video]

Movies recasted with Animals [Photoshop]

Comedian Bobby Slayton Interview in Twelveteen Magazine

Queer Duck DVD in the works.  20 Queer Duck Episodes [Video]

Rodney Dangerfield Quotes

Dopey New Product: Gas Combustion Hair Drier

Bad Sequel or Remake in the Works: The Hidden

Onion Radio News: Relaxation Tape Can't Play Any Louder [Audio] [NSFW]

Kent Jones on The Rolling Stones at the Superbowl, 24 with John McCain [Audio]

Superman is a Dick [Comic Book Covers]

More Recut Trailers: 
Big, Brokeback Top Gun, Sleepless in Seattle [Video]

KVUU-FM Interview with Bob Sagat
Part1 Part2 [Download Audio]

KVUU-FM Interview with Comedian Bob Marley Download [Audio]

Anti-Chuck Norris Facts

Thoughts of a Relatively Unknown Comedian Going Home After Taping a Soundbite on Some VH1 Show About Celebrities

Dopey New Product:100% Organic Hemp Fiber iPod Case

Boogeyman approched to work for Homeland Security, plans to use a ghost writer for his Autobiography.

Dopey New Product: Cannibis Fragrance only for people who want to smell like Pot even when they're not high.

Bill Hicks June 13, 1989 Concert [Video] [Poor quality]

Penn Jillette Interview in Slate

Made up Benjamin Franklin Quotes

Short Attention Span Stand-Up: Milton Berle 35 Second, Shecky Greene 37 Seconds, Jackie Mason 26 Seconds, George Carlin 31 Seconds, Bob & Ray 20 Seconds [Video]

Jon Macks jokes about America's oil addiction, Oprah and James Frey, and the Rolling Stones at the Super Bowl. [MP3 Audio]

Interview with John Krasinski & Jenna Fischer from the Office

Margaret Cho wedRock benefit 21 minutes [MP3 Audio] [NSFW]

The Aristocrats by Phil Haney [Animated Video] [NSFW]

NPR Interview with Chuck Barris [Audio]



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