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Feb. 13 - 17, 2006
Kevin Nealon Interview on KFRC Morning Show [MP3 Audio]

Lisa Lampanelli Radio Interview with The Radio Chick [Audio]

Interview with Comedian
John Witherspoon in The State

Demetri Martin: Trendspotting: Social Networking [Video]

Cheney Shoots Three Presidents in Oval Office Mishap by Steve Martin

Craig Ferguson Show and Tell for the Week [Video]

How To Fun: Amy Sedaris teaches how to make a realistic-looking plaster cake

More Cartoons That Might Offend in the Middle East

10 More Commandments Found!

Richard Pryor doing Standup on 1975 Soul Train [Video]

Dildo Song [Video] [NSFW]

Emo Philips Interview in the Wisconsin Postcresent

Greg Giraldo Interview in Punchline

back on the Penn Jillette Radio Show [MP3 Audio]

Paul Reiser on the KFRC Morning Radio Show [MP 3 Audio]

Wendy Liebman Interview on Karlson and McKenzie Radio Show [MP3 Audio]

Bill Maher jokes about what happened in the news while he was off the air [Video]. Let's have a Mexican Land Sale! and Olympic Fever by Bill Maher both at Huffington Post.

Dick Cheney Late Night Roundup
Daily Show: Dead Eye Dick [Video]
A message from Dick Cheney from David Letterman [Video]

Jay Leno scores an interview with Dick Cheney [Video]

Tom Delay + Office Space = Senate Space [Video]

Star Wars: The Empire Brokeback [Video]

Bad Business Idea: Toilet Bowl Restaurant

Onion Radio News: Farm Subsidy Blown On Farming [Audio]

Anti-Muslim Cartoons are a Riot by Bill Maher. Also Bill Maher on Hardball [Video]

John Lovitz Radio Interview on Star 98.7 [MP3 Audio]

Groucho Marx Quotes

David Mamet: Hasty Amendations to the Texas State Hunter's Handbook [One Panal Cartoon]

Weird Al Show coming out on DVD August 15, 2006. Emo Philips is in 2 episodes.

The Daily Show's Gay Sensibility

Take this Job and Shove it [Photoshop]

Why you should hate 18 Spring Movies

Ten Least Essential Spring Films, 2006

Alexei Sayle
Interview in the Observer

Dave Barry on the latest episode of 24

The Simpsons Zombie Shootout Game

Evil Toys [Photoshop]

Burst of Durst by Will Durst [Audio]

Paul Provenza and James Randi on the Penn Jillette Show [Audio]

Jim Norton on the Adult Video Awards

Five terrible fake "Morning Zoo" Teams

Better Late then never Valentines Day Cards: The Office,Other TV Shows by Aziz Ansari

Dopey New Product: Disposable Hair Piece

Sarah Silverman Interview

The DaVinci Load will me the first time that a porn parody will be released simultaneously with the Hollywood blockbuster it is parodying.

Music MashUp: Disco Accordion [MP3 Audio]

Ask a Republican by Richard Martin 7 Parts [Comedian Paul Gilmartin] [Via Laugh Factory] [Video]

Celebrity Vs. Thing: Alyson Hannigan Vs. Cloth Napkins

Ricky Gervais Podcast 11 [MP3 Audio]

Late Night Jokes about Dick Cheney

Cheney's Shooting Spree by Bill Maher
Mohammad and Hobbes by Bill Maher Both at Huffington Post

Atheists Join Cartoon Protests [One Panal Comic strip]

Battle for the Worst Channel on TV: VH1 hires Ron Jeremy, Vanilla Ice, Emmanuel Lewis, Brigitte Nielsen, Chyna Doll, Sandra 'Pepa' Denton, C.C. DeVille and Traci Bingham to star in The Surreal Life: Fame Games
Jon Macks jokes about some things he doesn't get: from bling handlers to plastic surgery on a kangaroo, from Valentines bumper stickers to certain Winter Olympics events. [MP3 Audio]

Polish Movie Posters for American Films

The Box Office Isn’t Funny: Feb. 10-12

Bad Sequel and Remake in the Works: Logan's Run

Louis CK Standup Audio Files

Jimmy Pardo Interview at One Trip Pony

Christopher Titus Interview at DVD Verdict

Jim Gaffagin Radio Interview on FNX 107.1 Boston [MP3 Audio]

Jim Gaffagin Radio Interview on Karlson and McKenzie[MP3 Audio]

Dopey New Product: Remote Controlled Middle Finger



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